Garage Door Opener Repair

It’s amazing how those of us with garages have come to depend on our garage door opener. That’s why when it’s on the fritz, it can be really frustrating. Especially if it opens, but then only closed halfway, or your garage door won’t open at all, and your car is in the garage!Before you call us for garage door opener repair, you may want to check on a few things.

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You’ll want to make sure the problem isn’t just with your garage door opener remote. Try using the interior wall unit or exterior keypad. If either of those open the door, you just need to replace the batteries in your remote, or maybe get a new remote. You may also want to make sure the garage door opener is plugged in, and even check the fuse box if the garage lights won’t turn on. You may not realize this, but lightning can trip a breaker, and so can plugging power tools into the outlets in your garage.

When You Need Garage Door Opener Repair

Once you’ve made sure it’s not just an issue of batteries, and made sure the unit is plugged in, you’re going to want to call us to schedule garage door opener repair. We wouldn’t be a real garage door services company if we didn’t offer garage door opener repair and garage door opener installation. We work on all makes and models of garage door openers, but we are an authorized dealer offering sales and installation of LiftMaster garage door openers. You can count on us to repair garage door openers, entry keypads, remotes and just about anything to do with your garage door opener.

Many times we can schedule your garage door opener repair for the same day. It just depends on the time of day you call us and what else we have going.

Common garage door opener repair issues include:

  • Photo eye is out of alignment or has stopped working.
  • The garage door opener antenna is damaged.
  • Garage door opener limit settings are off.
  • Remotes work but the wall switch doesn’t.
  • Remotes work but the keypad doesn’t.
  • The garage door opener motor has burned out.

That last one is when you will need our garage door opener installation services. If the motor has burned out, it’s time for a new garage door opener.

Bottom line, you can count on us for fast and affordable garage door opener repair and garage door opener installation.

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