Why Garage Door Repair is Best Left to the Professionals

When we say garage door repair, we’re talking about repairing and replacing the parts that keep your garage door moving. Not tightening a bolt or two or just oiling the hinges.

Attempting your own garage door repair can be dangerous. Here, we list several reasons why you should call Affordable Garage Doors or another garage door repair company if your garage door needs repairs.

  1. Torsion Springs and Extension Springs Can Cause Serious Injury. Extensionsprings are mounted horizontally – when the door goes down, cables attached to the bottom corners of the door force the springs to stretch, and when the door opens, they contract.Extension springs are the big springs at the garage door tracks that expand and contract as you open and close the door.With time, a spring can become compromised, and may break. If that happens while the garage door is closed, it can send the spring flying with tremendous force. If you’re in the garage when it happens, the spring could hit you in the head, face or torso. Torsion springs are wound up extremely tight, and only a professional should replace them.
  2. You Might Make the Problem Worse. When you start out with DIY garage door repair, you may think it’s an easy fix, or you might be trying to save a few bucks. However, you may make the situation worse. If you mess something up or don’t do something exactly right – which is easy to do – you could cause damage to the garage door, damage to the moving parts, or damage to your belongings.
  3. Falls Can Be Dangerous. Each year, thousands of people die in home accidents. And, year after year, the number one cause of death is falls. Climbing a ladder in your garage can be especially dangerous, because if you fall, you could hit your head on the concrete. Never climb a ladder without someone to spot you.
  4. Falling Garage Doors. Steel garage doors commonly weigh more than 100 pounds, and wood garage doors can weigh even more. Garage doors are not something you want to lose control of. If the door were to come crashing down, it could injure you, a pet, or could damage the garage floor.
  5. Using the Wrong Parts.Individual garage doors have some universal parts, but some door-specific parts. Do you know the difference? Installing the wrong replacement part could come back to bite you. While the door may open and close properly at first, an improper replacement part can cause damage to the system over weeks or months.
These are just a few reasons to call an expert for garage door repair. Garage doors are not something to mess around with. Calling a professional will save you time and give you the peace of mind that repairs were done properly. At no time should a non-professional replace springs on a garage door. Leave to a professional.

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Davidsonville MD Garage Door Installation, Crofton MD Garage Door Repair
Davidsonville MD Garage Door Installation, Crofton MD Garage Door Repair
Davidsonville MD Garage Door Installation, Crofton MD Garage Door Repair
Davidsonville MD Garage Door Installation, Crofton MD Garage Door Repair