Bent Track Replacement

The tracks of the garage door are necessary to help the door function properly. If the track gets bent, the function of the door is impeded. If this happens, it is important to call a professionally immediately. This problem can be caused by many different factors. Here are a few aspects that can cause the track to bend:

  • Nothing lasts forever, and even the best tracks will show wear and tear and also take on damage in the long run. Your track may have rust or bending that might cause further damage if not fixed.
  • Broken Cable. A garage door has two cables, one on each side. When a cable breaks, that side of the door does not have sufficient support. Any attempt to open the door will pull only one side of the door, causing the track to bend.
  • Breaking or Jamming of the Cable Drum Connection. The cable drum is the metal spool that the cable is wound around. If one of these fails to turn efficiently, one side of the door will lack support and ultimately cause it to bend.

Since damage, such as a bent track can stem from a problem with other parts of the mechanism, it is important not to try and force the garage door to open and close. If the door is stuck in an open or partially closed state, it is important to keep objects and people out from under it, as faulty garage doors can drop suddenly, causing a serious danger to anyone underneath.

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, Bent Track Replacement
, Bent Track Replacement
, Bent Track Replacement
, Bent Track Replacement