Spring Cleaning – How to Clean Your Garage Door

It’s that time of year again, Maryland. Spring cleaning! While you’re working on tidying up your home, don’t forget to add your garage door to the list! Your garage door is a highly visible and hard-working surface that goes through some wear and tear during everyday use. And yet, while spring cleaning we often neglect to give our garage door the care that the rest of the home receives. We know what you’re thinking… What is the best way to clean my garage door? Well, it’s simple! Just follow our tips and tricks below and your garage door will be the envy of your neighborhood. Materials Needed:
  • A bucket
  • A hose
  • A soft rag
  • Common household dish soap or gentle detergent
How to Clean Your Garage Door: Cleaning your garage door is a lot like washing your car. You need to be careful not to scratch it with your rag. Place your rag in a safe place, where it will not collect foreign objects that may harm your garage door, such as stones or sticks.
  1. Using your bucket, mix your dish soap or gentle detergent with water, creating your solution.
  2. Wet the surface of your garage door with water before applying soap.
  3. Once your garage door is wet, dip your rag into the soap and water solution. Scrub your garage door using the wet rag.
  4. Once your entire garage door has been scrubbed, rinse the solution off with water. Make sure you clear all areas of soap so that the finish on your garage door doesn’t wear down.
  5. Allow the door to air dry.
Additional Tips and Tricks:
  • Do not use harsh or abrasive detergents while cleaning your garage door. These types of detergents can damage the paint or the seals.
  • When washing your door, do not use a power washer instead of a hose. This too can cause surface damage.
  • If you are cleaning a tougher stain, such as an oil stain, you can spot-clean the stain with a bleach and water mixture. Do not mix bleach with other cleansers, as this can cause harmful fumes. Thoroughly rinse your garage door immediately after spot-cleaning with bleach.
  • After washing, and every 6 months after that, we recommend waxing your garage door to protect the door’s finish. Use a good quality car wax and follow the instructions on the back of the wax container.
  • Do not apply wax to anodized aluminum doors.
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Davidsonville MD Garage Door Installation, Crofton MD Garage Door Repair
Davidsonville MD Garage Door Installation, Crofton MD Garage Door Repair
Davidsonville MD Garage Door Installation, Crofton MD Garage Door Repair
Davidsonville MD Garage Door Installation, Crofton MD Garage Door Repair